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As part of your package for car driving lessons in Queens, NY, Executive Driving School will pick you up from your home and drop you off at your home, office, or school in Queens, NY, and Brooklyn.

Professional driving lessons from a decent school offer safety-first training and driving lessons to ensure students become responsible and safe drivers when the time comes. Executive Driving School has been providing affordable driving lessons since the day we were established and our package deals are in demand in New York City. 

(Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Forest Hills, Jamaica, Queens Village, Cambria Heights, Kew Gardens, Glendale, Cypress Hills, East New York, Ridgewood, Flushing, and more)

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Discover the Driving School That Transforms You into a Confident Driver


When it comes to learning how to drive, the impact of your training lasts a lifetime. That's why at our driving school in Queens, NY, we are dedicated to providing exceptional driving lessons that go above and beyond your expectations. We believe in connecting with our learners on a deeper level, understanding their individual experiences behind the wheel, and tailoring our approach accordingly. After all, feeling overwhelmed while driving can lead to critical decision-making errors that pose a serious threat in real traffic situations. 

With this in mind, our carefully crafted driving course offers a comprehensive learning experience, empowering you with knowledge and a thorough understanding of traffic and road dynamics. Here's what you can expect when you choose us:

We Come to You

At our driving school in Brooklyn, NY, convenience is key to effective learning. We'll pick you up at the designated time and guide you on the necessary preparations for your first session. Remember to bring your existing license if you have one, ensure you're feeling well, and wear appropriate footwear for your class.

Engaging Learning Experiences

Whether you opt for one-on-one classes or group sessions at our car driving school in Queens, NY, we strive to create an engaging and supportive atmosphere. We prioritize open communication between learners, and instructors so that they can address the concerns and fears that might be holding them back. We understand that the road can be intimidating, whether you're transitioning from a regular to a commercial driving license or just learning to drive for the first time. Rest assured; our instructors follow effective teaching protocols while prioritizing your comfort in the process.

Expert Knowledge and Training

Finding the best driving instructor is effortless at our institute. We carefully select trained, certified, and registered instructors; who stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and best driving lessons in Queens, NY. Our driving instructors play a vital role in designing training programs, providing top-notch driving lessons, and sharing their exceptional knowledge and expertise which benefit both future instructors and learners preparing for their driver's exams. 

Patience and Support

Our Brooklyn Driving instructors are renowned for their patience and expertise, whether you're a first-time driver, a refresher course participant, or seeking to elevate your license class. We maintain a consistent training approach that helps instill confidence and control over the vehicle. Through effective techniques, we ensure you master various maneuvers required for the driver's exam and equip you with the ability to calmly assess real-life driving situations.

Your Perfect Driving Instructor Awaits

At Executive Driving School, we guarantee you'll find the ideal driving instructor for your journey. Our Queens, NY and Brooklyn instructors are dedicated to adding value to your learning experience and helping you become a skilled, confident driver. Choose us for unparalleled training and embark on your journey towards becoming an exceptional driver today. 


5 Hr. Pre-Licensing Course
1 Lesson (45 minutes)
Road Test Appointment
Car & Instructor for R.T
6 Hrs. Defensive Driving
Highway Lessons(90 mins)
Stick Shift/ Manual Lessons
Rush road test appointment


  • 5 Hr. Class $60.00
  • 5 Lesson (45 minutes) $250
  • Road Test Appointment $30
  • Car and Instructor for Road Test $100
  • Total$440.00

  • Special$355.00

  • 5 Hr. Class $60
  • 10 Lesson (45 minutes) $500
  • Road Test Appointment $30
  • Car and Instructor for Road Test $100
  • Total$690

  • Special$565

  • 5 Hr. Class $60
  • 15 Lesson (45 minutes) $750
  • Road Test Appointment $30
  • Car and Instructor for Road Test $100
  • Total$945

  • Special$775